Forthcoming Projects

Date TBC [postponed due to restrictions]


Suffolk Villages Festival, UK

A collaboration between Suffolk Villages Baroque Orchestra (dir. Peter Holman) and Mercurius Company. Original 18th-C choreographies and newly composed dances by Ricardo Barros in an evening of theatre magic.

Gods, semi-gods, Turcs and Spaniards in some of the most representatives choreographies of the Grand Siecle.

Music by Handel, Rebel, Lully, Destouches and Campra.

Choreographies by Pecour, Feuillet and Barros.

Date TBC [postponed due to restrictions]


Hertfordshire, UK

A week residential course leading to a fully-staged performance of Rameau's Les Indes Galantes (entrees 3 & 4)

Ricardo Barros joins the faculty with stage direction, Baroque gestures, music coaching.

Costumes and props from Mercurius collection.

Date TBC 2020


Online event

The HDS-Historical Dance Society promotes an online full-day workshop on Beauchamps-Feuillet notation, taught by Ricardo Barros.

To include comparative analyses of choreographic passages, ornamented steps, discussion on timing and interpretation, dynamic exercises on reading and writing, and the chance to ask questions regarding specific choreographic passages you might have been trying to decode.